South Cave Parish Council

Planning Meeting 12th January 2015


The Meeting of South Cave Parish Council Planning Committee took place in the Town Hall, Market Place, South Cave at 7.00pm.


Present:              Cllrs L. Turner (Chair), M. Turner, Kingdom, Bateman, Franks, Foley, Munby, Kelly, & Barnett  

Clerk - Mrs L Fielding

One Ward Councillor – Cllr T. Galbraith

Two Members of the public – Representing Stop Bagletts Wind Farm


2075      Apologies for absence

Cllr L. Turner proposed apologies is accepted from Cllr Warren, seconded Cllr Barnett, All in favour.


2076      Declarations of Interest

There were no declaration of interests


2077      Planning Applications

                (i)14/03106/STPLFE – Strategic – Full Planning with EIA      


Erection of 3no. Wind turbines (height to hub 80.0m and 121.0m to tip), 1 no anemometry mast (80.0 to tip), 1 no. temporary anemometry mast (for a period of 6 months), erection of substation building, temporary compound area and associated access and infrastructure: Turbine 1 [49060,428125], Turbine 2 [490515, 428440], Turbine 3 [490325, 428911]


Land South of Ings Lane and East of Crabley Lane, Ings Lane, South Cave , HU15 2EA


Lantanier UK 

                The Meeting was closed at 7:25p.m for Ward Councillor Galbraith to provide information to the Parish Council on previous submissions to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the results from appeal decisions. 

                Two Members of the public representing Ellerker Parish Council and residential group ’stop Ellerker/Bagletts wind farm’ , Details were providing including research information relating to Environmental, noise, visual etc impact on the surrounding area.  The Meeting was re-opened at 7:45p.m

                Cllr Kingdom proposed the Parish Council recommend refusal to the application for the following reasons:

The Parish recommends refusal on the grounds of landscape harm and harm the visual amenity of the area and a serious adverse effect on residential amenity having regard to the following material considerations;


Conservation Area

The 3 x 121m height turbines have high visibility from 2 nearby conservation areas and further afield, and will have a detrimental affect on the visual amenity of the nearby conservation areas and listed buildings.


We submit there are unacceptable detrimental effects on a number of designated historic assets and their setting (the locations of which the applicant acknowledges), including; Brantingham Conservation Area, Broomfleet Grade II Church of St Mary, Cockle Pits Scheduled Monument, The Conservation Area and Listed Buildings at Ellerker, the Grade 1 Church of All Saints in South Cave (not North as in the application), the Grade I Church of All Saints at Whitteringham and the Grade II* Church of St John at Whitton. The views across to the turbines would also introduce a detrimental outlook from Grade II Brantinghamthorpe Listed Building. The scale of the pylons totally overshadows the existing pylons and roads which cross the Bagletts site, which while impacting on this view does not mitigate the further exponential detrimental effects the pylons would cause.


These large pylons are 1.8km from the boundary of the Ellerker Conservation Area and 2km from the listed grade II St Annes Church, Garth Farm (there are others).

The Conservation Area Appraisal states that; the landscape around Ellerker is

important in defining the distinctive character of the Conservation Area. The area is low-lying with the higher Wolds visible to the west. Other views out of the

Conservation Area tend to overlook flat landscapes and whilst these are significant, they tend to contain development that detracts from its inherent qualities, notably large-scale greenhouses, nearby electricity pylons and modern farm infrastructure buildings.


However, at the edges of the village, significant views out of the Conservation

Area exist and are important in forming the character of the settlement. There are

a series of key views and vistas that are of special significance to the character of the Conservation Area and these include: -


  • Good views of the low-lying local landscape are notable from south of Howden Croft Hill, the western end of Todd’s Lane, the junction of Mill Lane and Howden Croft Hill and to the west along Ings Lane.


The pylons are 2.5 km from the South Cave Conservation Area (Bull Pasture and Pinfold as specific sensitive area) and 2.7 km to the listed grade I All Saints Church.

The Conservation Area Appraisal states that; “The special interest of the Conservation Area is not only derived from the quality of the buildings but also the strong contribution of the natural environment which creates a unique genius loci and emphasises the rural setting of the village. Within the Conservation Area such features of interest include Castle Covert, Bull Pasture, St Helen’s Well and associated pond, the school playing fields and recreational areas”


We would contend that these very large pylons will detrimentally affect the visual environment of the conservation area and listed grade I and II buildings bringing further industrialisation to the context and setting.


Affect on the landscape Character


The proposed site is located within the National Character Area NCA39 Humberhead Levels and District Landscape Character Area (DLCA) 9: Drained Open Farmland in the Humberhead Levels, subdivision  LLCA 9E: Walling Fen and Ellerker Sands Farmland (East Riding of Yorkshire Landscape Character Assessment, 2005)


The sensitivity and capacity for DLCA 9 is defined as follows:

This is an open landscape with few trees and hedgerows, and sparse settlement. Views across the area are extensive and open from all sides. As a result the character of this good quality landscape has high sensitivity to commercial development that would not respect landscape pattern and the openness of the character type.

Wind farm development in this area has the potential to impact on its remote character and the extensive views across and into the area. The introduction of wind turbines on a large scale would alter landscape character. ……… Where development proposals for wind farms in this landscape type are located away from villages there would be restricted close views from residential properties. However, the turbines would be visible in this open landscape which is considered to have medium sensitivity to wind farm development that is of appropriate scale i.e. the number of turbines and height of turbines proposed should be low enough to ensure that although the turbines may be seen on the horizon they would not dominate views across open landscape. However, cumulative impacts also need to be considered and the open nature of the landscape will result in greater visual impact the greater the number of developments. The landscape in this area has potentially high sensitivity to the cumulative impacts of wind farm development due to its very open and remote characteristics.”


In a previous review by the Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment Team (TLS), ref SR/03005, comments noted that the visual impact of a smaller wind turbine would be limited, mainly due to the level of visual detractors, the larger-scale electricity pylons. These proposed turbines will be more than twice the height of the pylons thereby becoming the major visual detractor in the area and detrimentally affecting the landscape character.


Many cyclists and walkers travel on the nationally important Trans-Pennine Way which traverses the site and further turbines will detrimentally affect the visual amenity of the area.


The pylons will be visible from the edge of the western scarp edge of the Wolds and the important Wolds Way national footpath, an area of high landscape value, the Humber foreshore and Brantingham. The Zone of Theoretical Visibility maps are drawn only for the height of the hub at 80m and not the 121 height of the arc of the blades which will be moving. The panoramic visualisations presented in Volume 3 of the Environmental Statement are wide angle and misleading as to the visual impact that will actually be experienced. They do not address the context of the conservation areas and listed buildings.


East Yorkshire has the highest density of Turbines in England and UK has reportedly already reached its 2020 target for onshore wind turbines. One Ellerker resident reports being able to see 42 wind turbines (unconfirmed by the Parish) visible from their property and the UK Wind Energy database reports 22 wind farms (2 or more turbines) that are operating, under construction or approved within an approximate 10 mile radius of the site. (see map appendix 1)


We submit that the cumulative impacts of wind farm development this proposal represents, due to the landscapes very open and remote characteristics are detrimental to the landscape character.



The site is in an ecologically sensitive area for migratory birds using the Humber Wildlife Reserve and North Cave Wetlands which are recognised nationally as destinations for migratory birds as well as homes to local species. The area’s population Includes Marsh Harriers, Red Kites, Buzzards, herons and Geese.  The spinning blades are a danger to the birds as such this 'flight corridor' should be left clear of turbines.


There are no impact reports on the migratory bird routes to SSSI sites and the estuary. The ECUS report cannot give a full picture. For example a resident reports very recently a flock of over 1000 Pink Footed Geese flew over the proposed site and the number of birds flying south over South Cave was particularly noticeable this year.


The same resident estimates several hundred gulls (of various species) fly through the proposed site every dawn and evening to and from Whitton Sands. Local reports on Barn Owl numbers show their numbers to be on the increase from the survey period which was affected by hard winters and both Barn and Little Owls in and around the proposed site have been witnessed.


Turbine 3 has more potential for injury to a rare species of bats as the applicant noted, but no satisfactory mitigation has been proffered.


Noise and Flicker

The applicant has not yet committed to the type of turbine which may be different. The noise study used in the planning application appears to have been based on different wind turbines the 'Repower MM82' model with a 2.05MW installed capacity, than that proposed. These may have different noise output characteristics that the actual wind turbines proposed which have a capacity of 2.3MW (i.e. 2.3MW x 3). Noise could have a largely disruptive impact to local residents if it has not be modelled correctly and according to the applicant, the nearest non-involved residential dwellings are located close to the exclusion zone of 700m;

·         Jasmine approximately 705 m;

·         Miresbeck approximately 720m; and

  • Westfield, Crabley Lane approximately 720 m.e Workers site

However the applicant has ignored;

  • The existing and replacement Mobile home site for Colletta and Tyson has not been mapped and houses up to 90 persons immediately adjacent to the site.
  • The workers within the greenhouses adjacent to the site will be subject to noise and flicker through the glass and is not mapped and may be closer still.


The potential for noise and flicker disruption has not been adequately assessed.



The 20m x 7m x 6.5m high sub station is a large dominant structure within the countryside, the scale and massing of which, has an unacceptable impact on the visual amenity of the area.


Any construction traffic would be a hazard down the narrow approach roads, the Norfolk Bank Lane is single track. We query the suitability of the small bridge at Mill Beck to accommodate heavy loads.


The nearby South Cave airfield may be affected on the take off and approach flightpath by this navigation hazard, which may also affect emergency procedures.


We note the objection from NATS, Yorkshire Water and the concerns raised by English Heritage, which we support.

                Seconded Cllr L. Turner, All in favour.


2078       Recommendations to Council

To receive and where necessary adopt the resolutions from within the minutes of the above meeting.



Signed.........................................  Chair