South Cave Parish Council

Planning Meeting 2nd September 2013


The Meeting of South Cave Parish Council Planning Committee took place in the Town Hall, Market Place, South Cave at 7.00pm.


Present:           Cllrs M. Turner (Chair), Barnett,  L. Turner, Munby, Kelly & Kingdom

Clerk - Mrs L Fielding


1963  Apologies for absence

Cllr Kelly proposed apologies be accepted from Cllrs Bateman, Lenton, Jamieson & Warren, Seconded Cllr Kingdom, All in favour.


1964   Declarations of Interest

           (i)There were no declarations of interest.

Cllr Kingdom declared a non pecuniary interest in minute ref: 1967 (i)

(ii)There were no dispensations given to any member of the council in respect of items on the agenda items.


1965    Planning Decisions

(i)13/01858/PLF – Alterations and change of use to form 1no. Dwelling at United Reformed Church, West End, South Cave for Mr & Mrs Thundercliffe – Approved (No Obj)

(ii)12/04827/PLF – Appeal case number: 13/00062/REFUSE

Erection of 3no Dwellings and garages, use of land for construction of tennis courts, construction of a highway turning facility and the provision of improved access following demolition of an existing dwelling at 43 Bacchus Lane, South Cave for Mr P. Wilson – Appeal Refused

(iii)13/02174/VER – Variation of condition 18 (amendment to approved plans) of planning permission 12/00950/PLF) at 42 West End, South Cave for Mr & Mrs Stow – Approved (No Obj)

(iv)13/01095/PLF – Erection of 1x 24.6m high to hub, 34.2m to tip endurance E3120 Wind Turbine at Land West of Weedley Farm, Riplingham Road, South Cave for Mr Neil Sergent – Withdrawn (REF)

The Parish Council noted the decisions made by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council


1966    Trees

(i) 13/02801/TPO - Description of Works: TPO SOUTH CAVE - 1971 - (Ref 268) AND SOUTH CAVE CONSERVATION AREA - Remove 3 branches on Beech tree (T1) as they are rubbing and damaging the masonry on the old gatehouse. Lime tree (T2) tidy badly pruned limbs away from gatehouse. Remove overhanging limb on Sycamore tree (T3) and tidy old prune cuts.

Location; Cave Castle Hotel and Country Club Church Hill South Cave East Riding Of Yorkshire HU15 2EU 

Applicant: Cave Castle Hotel

Application Type: Works to Protected Trees

Cllr Kingdom proposed the Parish Council raise no objection to the application providing the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s tree officer supervises the work which is to be completed within close proximity to a important listed building and care is taken to maintain the visual amenity of the location.  Seconded Cllr L. Turner, All in favour.






1967    Other matters

(i)The Committee noted the DLP Major changes consultation & noted a advisory meeting has been planned with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to discuss the Parish Councils previous response to the consultation.




Signed…………………………          Chair