South Cave Parish Council

Planning Meeting 4th December 2012



The Meeting of South Cave Parish Council Planning Committee took place in the School Hall, South Cave CE School, Church Street, South Cave at 7.00pm.


Present:           Cllrs Barnett (Chair), M. Turner, Bateman, Kelly, Munby, & Kingdom

Clerk - Mrs L Fielding

Two Ward Councillors – Cllr Galbraith & Hudson

Members of the Public – 40


1902    Apologies for absence

Cllr Barnett proposed apologies be accepted from Cllr Phillips, Hardy, L. Turner, Lenton & Jamieson, Seconded Cllr Munby, All in favour.


1903   Declarations of Interest

There was one declaration of interest:

Cllr Kingdom declared a non pecuniary interest in minute reference 1904 (i) & (ii)


The Meeting was closed at 7:15p.m for members of the public to put forward various suggestions and concerns relating to the planning applications.  There were no members of the public expressing no objections to the application.  Comments were noted and included in the response to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.


The meeting re-opened at 8:05p.m for the Parish Council meeting to continue.


1904    Current Plans to consider


Publicity on an Application for Strategic -  Full Planning Permission

Hybrid application consisting of (a) Full Application for the creation of a new vehicular and pedestrian access onto Market Place, (b) Demolition of number 70 Market Place, (c) Demolition of buildings to the rear of 68 and 70 Market Place, (d) Full Application for an extension to number 68 Market Place, (e) Full Application for the erection of 4 no. dwellings and 4 no. detached garages on land to the rear of 68 and 70 Market Place, (f) Outline Application for the development of 56 homes on land including Local Plan allocation H1dj to the north of Middle Garth Drive (all matters reserved) AMENDED DESCRIPTION AND PLANS

at Land South And East Of Old Priory Station Road South Cave East Riding Of Yorkshire

Applicant: Messrs Watts, Usher And Lindley

Amended Proposals

Cllr Kingdom proposed the Parish Council recommend refusal of the application for the following reasons:


The Parish notes the changes to the application and the submission documents. however the minor reduction in dwellings on the conservation area site and minor realignment of the accessway does not address previous objections on policy grounds, Highway issues and the detrimental effect on the conservation area summarised in both the Parish’s and the Communities previous response. These objections remain.







Policy issues.


We are concerned on the response from the Forward Planning section. The East Riding Policy position is at best muddled with an out of date Local Plan, It ignores national SHLAA guidance in refusing to reassess this site's allocation in the light of newer policies such as the 2005 JSP.


It incorrectly summarises the NPPF with its presumption in favour of SUSTAINABLE

development. It incorrectly states the development complies with JSP policy DS4 and ignores policy H7. The Forward Planning stated position with regards to the LDF is out of date and inaccurate and the LDF is by no means uncontested, with unresolved objections to relevant policies with regards to primary villages, which in our opinion is unsound. The amount of weight that can be given to the LDF is therefore small.


We do agree however with Forward Planning where they clearly state Para 214 NPPF  “ full weight may be given to relevant policies adopted since 2004 (i.e the RSS) for the next 12 months even if there is a limited degree of conflict with the NPPF” The saved policies of the Joint Structure plan were adopted in 2005 and must therefore be afforded full weight. This fact is omitted from the Forward Plan comments. The relevant saved policies are DS4 and H7.


DS4 states ” Limited development will be allowed in existing villages if this meets local needs and contributes to sustaining the role of the settlement. Housing development in existing settlements must conform to the requirements of JSP Policy H7”. According to the preamble to H7, Policy DS4 allows for limited development to take place in smaller settlements and villages to meet local needs. Housing developments in such areas will largely be to provide affordable homes.”


And H7 states; “Housing development in existing villages should meet an identified local need, particularly for affordable housing but also to support existing village services. Development should be limited in scale, with a preference given to previously-developed sites, infill plots and conversions. Development that would result in unacceptable long distance commuting will be resisted.”


Further, on the 22 May 2012, the Cabinet cancelled it’s position statement on Housing Development in Rural areas April 2009, where the Council undertook not ask an applicant to specifically demonstrate that a specific local need exists, this requirement must now be met.


Limited and small scale developments have been previously defined by the East Riding as a development with no more than 5 dwellings.


In coming to our conclusion the Parish Council have given due consideration to previous advice obtained from Cobbetts LLP.


This application does not conform with the JSP policies DS4 and H7  due to the large scale nature of the development, lack of evidence of identified local need, the development consists of predominantly market housing., the development is not on a previously developed or infill site and the Development would result in unacceptable long distance commuting.






The Application


a.      The existing village sewage and drainage system does not currently cope well with pluvial flooding. The proposed development will aggravate the current situation.  A development of this size will further exacerbate the current level of flash flooding problems within the centre, Church Street and West End properties. 


b.       Local infrastructure currently struggles to cope with existing levels of usage (Parking, Schools and Transport etc.) The proposed development will make the situation much worse.


c.       This development is not a sustainable development. The transport assessment and travel plan remain woefully inadequate and do not address the reliance on the private motor car contrary to JSP policy DS4 and H7.


d.      The proposed access onto the A1034, is dangerous due to continual heavy traffic.  The traffic census was reviewed at a inappropriate time giving a false representation.


e.       Soakaways are ineffective as demonstrated by the existing soakaways in The Stray and a sustainable drainage solution must be provided.


The Parish Council requests that in the event of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council approving the application be mindful of the following:


a.      A detailed study of the flooding problem and the sewage system in the village is planned and any problems identified to be rectified before any development takes place.


b.      Carparking is currently a constant problem in the village and therefore an area for public parking should be made available.  (10 to 12 cars minimum) within this last market place plot. 


c.       There should be direct access from The Stray via the development for pedestrians to access the Market Place, which is capable of being overlooked and well lit.


d.      There should be landscaping measures compatible with the streetscene to enhance the entrance to the development.


e.       The existing hedge located on the eastern boundary of the proposed development should be retained and enhanced with additional trees, to shield the development from Little Wold Lane.


f.       There should be restricted hours of construction and access.


g.      A stone wall compatible with the existing building and wall, between the street and number 68 should be installed, to protect the streetscene and the conservation area.


h.      Further consideration is given to ensuring the height of the new dwellings is such that they respect the needs of existing neighbouring properties.


i.        A further more detailed archaeological assessment of the site is requested. 


j.        In place of the proposed wooden fence on the Northern Side of the proposed access road, a stone wall should be provided.


k.      The repositioned Bollard on the A1034 to be reviewed as the road is much narrower at this proposed position. 


l.        Street Lighting to comply with current Highway Standards.


m.    The footpath as we propose and all the affordable housing should be provided before the first Market house is completed.


We the Parish Council request that this application be referred to the full Planning Committee to enable a full discussion and request ERYC inform us of the date of the meeting. 

Seconded Cllr Barnett, All in favour.


Demolition of number 70 Market Place and buildings to the rear of 68 and 70 Market Place at Land South And East Of Old Priory, Station Road, South Cave East Riding Of Yorkshire

Applicant: Messrs Watts, Usher and Lindley

Application Type: Conservation Area Consent

Cllr Kingdom proposed the Parish Council recommend the Application be refused for the following reason:


a.       There are no details provided for a replacement of the building in the event that the development does not go ahead. 


We the Parish Council request that this application be referred to the full Planning Committee to enable a full discussion and request ERYC inform us of the date of the meeting. 

Seconded Cllr Barnett, All in favour.






Signed…………………………          Chair