16th September 2013


The Meeting of South Cave Parish Council took place in the Town Hall, Market Place, South Cave commencing at 7:00pm.


Present:               Cllrs M. Turner (Chairman), Barnett, L Turner, Bateman, Munby, Kelly, Jamieson, Lenton, Kingdom & Warren

Mrs L Fielding - Clerk

Two Ward Councillors

One member of public


Public Forum

Cllr Barnett advised the Parish Council the 30mph flashing sign at Station Road has not be re-installed.  The Parish Council requires Clerk request the ERYC re-install this.

Cllr Bateman advised the Parish Council, a number of enquiries have been received relating to parking during school opening and closing times at the corner of Castle Drive causing obstruction to vision for oncoming traffic.  The PCSO present at the meeting advised he would make arrangements to visit the location to assess the situation.

Cllr Turner raised the problem with the pig smell odour, which appears to be relating to the slurry spread from Mires Farm.  A number of complaints have been received.  Cllr Lenton proposed the Parish Council invite the owners of the farm to a Parish Council meeting to discuss the complaints and discuss any alternative methods available to reduce the odour.  Seconded Cllr Kelly, All in favour.


59520913            Apologies for absence

There were no apologies for absence.


59530913            Ward Councillors Reports (For Information Only)

Cllr Galbraith – Requested the minutes from the meeting held on Monday 15th July 2013 be amended to read: The Fire Service with is making a £5million cut, one engine will be lost from one of the four stations, following a consultation.

The UK have Problems with early detection of dementia and have the worsted records on early detection only 38% of East Riding  residents have had early detection of this for dementia.  Measures will  be taken to train local GPs carers etc.   Hopefully early detection to can be cut to 50% which may reduce people going into care homes by 28%.

Ward Councilors have attended a Loneliness seminar; one in three aged 63 or over live on their own in within the East Riding.   Steps can be taken by local organisations,  with no great costs implications. The matter will be taken to cabinet and hopefully initiatives will be enforced.

Cllr Smith – The Cottingham food festival will be held on  Sunday 22nd September 2013 and will be taking South Cave Farmers Market leaflets to promote on the day




59540913            Approval of Previous Meetings Minutes, 15th July 2013

Cllr L Turner proposed that the minutes of the 15th July 2013 be approved with one amendment by Cllr Galbraith and entered into records, as a true and accurate record, Seconded Cllr Kingdom, All in favour.


59550913            Declarations of Interest     

(i)Cllr Bateman declared a non pecuniary interest in minute reference:

59610913 (ii)


59560913            Parish Council Vacancy

(i)The Parish Council considered the two co-optee applications received.  Cllr L. Turner proposed the Parish Council invite the applicants along to the next Full Council meeting to provide a short introduction.  Seconded Cllr Barnett, All in favour.


59570913             Police Matters

(i)PCSO Overton advised the Parish Council nine crimes had been reported.


59580913            Committees

(i)The Parish Council received and where necessary adopted the resolutions from within   the minutes of the following committee meetings: 

Finance & General Policy Committee – 2nd August 2013 – Three minor amendments were made.

Planning Committee – 12th August 2013

Planning Committee – 2nd September 2013 – One minor amendment made

Technical Services Committee – 19th August 2013

Open Spaces Committee – 19th August 2013

Farmers Market Committee – 2nd September 2013

Proposed Cllr Barnett, Seconded Cllr Kingdom, 10 in favour, 1 abstention


59590913            Finance

(i)The Parish Council approved items for payment September 2013




CIT @ Vendor Finance



All Signs

Chairman's Board



Dog Signs


The Document House

Photocopier maintenance



Sage Cover


AB Pest Management

Allotment Wasp Removal


David Stride

Playpark Repairs



Allotment Rent





Yorkshire Water

Burial Ground




Mr J Ellerker

Grass Cutting Services


PKF Littlejohn LLP

External Audit Fees


J Rotherham

Repairs to memorial


Mr D Ellerker

Footway Cleaning Services





D Stride

Newsletter Distributions


C Langley

Farmers Market


South Cave Parish Council

Petty Cash

















Cllr Kelly proposed that these items be paid on the grounds of sound financial   management of the Council, seconded Cllr Munby, All in favour.

(ii)The Parish Council noted the thank you letter received from Brough Voluntary Action Group re: s137 donation

(iii)The Parish Council noted the External Audit Completion year ended 31st March 2013

(iv)The Parish Council considered the Technical Services recommendation for painting works to Cemetery railings, to be completed by Tony cook Group.  Cllr Bateman proposed the Parish Council proceed with the recommendation, Seconded Cllr Kelly, All in favour.   

(v)The Parish Council noted the Open Spaces recommendation for the purchase of a additional Seat to be located at Bull Pasture & mark location on plan, and requested Clerk investigate the opportunity of purchasing a seat from the HMPS Everthorpe. 

(vi)The Parish Council noted the Open Spaces recommendation for the purchase of an additional Seat to be located at Common Road & mark location on plan and requested Clerk query the delivery charges for this item.   


59600913            Other Matters

(i)The Parish Council noted the ERYC Speed Traffic Survey results and raised concerns with the response received.

Concerns with the type of response received. 

(ii)The Parish Council reviewed the current Code of Conduct and raised no comment or concern to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

(iii)The Parish Council considered invitation to East Yorkshire Town Council networking meeting 2nd October 2013 and requested Clerk attend.

(iv)The Parish Council noted ERNLLCA Annual General Meeting – Thursday 19th September 2013.  It was noted Cllr Kelly will be in attendance.

(v)The Parish Council noted the ERNLLCA development programmes.

(vi)The Parish Council considered the ERYC local Grant Fund 2013-14 – Litter Picking Machine.  It was noted the machine was impractical for use within the village due to the noise and size.  Cllr Barnett proposed the Parish Council consider the installation of a covered seated area to be located within King George V playing field, to enable users to enjoy the area, this would be an enhancement for the village.  Seconded Cllr Warren, All in favour.

(vii)The Parish Council discussed the Mobile Phone signal issues around the village and request Clerk make contact with Orange, Vodaphone and Three networks to raise awareness of the problem.

(viii)The Parish Council noted the Playpark inspection rota

(ix)The Parish Council noted the ERNLLCA Code of Conduct Training

(x)The Parish Council consider the four Market Weighton Poor Land tenancy applications.  Cllr Lenton proposed the second applicant be allocated the allotment, as the first applicant is currently in position of seven acres of allotment land at Market Weighton.  Seconded Cllr L. Turner, All in favour.

(xi)The Parish Council noted the ERNLLCA 2013 annual conference.

(xii)The Parish Council noted the NHS Patent medical record health information – Changes to Data sharing

(xiii)The Parish Council noted the road surface wear & tear at Newfield Lane, South of A63 and concluded no further action be taken, as this is a East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Highways matter.

         (xiv)The Parish Council noted Clerks holidays planned 23rd October 2013 to 31st October 2013

         (xv)The Parish Council considered an ongoing job worksheet to be included with minutes and requested Clerk implements this.

         (xvi)The Parish Council received update relating to meeting arranged with Brough police on incidents reported at Swinescaife Quarry.  It was noted that further incidents should be reported to the Police.


59610913            Correspondence

(i)The Parish Council noted the email received relating to Horse Riders in the village and requested clerk placed an article in the next newsletter highlighting the need for road curtsey.

(ii)The Parish Council noted the ERNLLCA newsletter.

(iii)The Parish Council noted the update letter received relating to Wilsons Willow.

(iv)The Parish Council noted the letter received re: Speeding Traffic (Lifestyle Group) and requested Clerk refer the matter to the ERYC highways department and provide the group with information received from the ERYC traffic survey completed at Beverley Road, South Cave.

(v)The Parish Council noted the support letters and questionnaires received in respect of Playpark improvements.

(vi)The Parish Council noted the survey project received re:  ‘making South Cave a safer place’ (Lifestyle Group) and requested Clerk refer the matter to the ERYC highways department and provide the group with information received from the ERYC traffic survey completed at Beverley Road, South Cave.

(vii)The Parish Council noted the NHS Public consultation re: Transferring working age adult mental health inpatient services in the East Riding.

(viii)The Parish Council noted the correspondence received from Hive against wind turbines group.

(ix)The Parish Council noted the response received in respect of a donation of a memorial seat in the Cemetery and requested Clerk make arrangement to identify a place in the cemetery.

(x)The Parish Council noted the letter received re: duck signage (Lifestyle Group) and requested Clerk refer the matter to the ERYC highways department.




59620913            Planning Applications

The meeting was closed at 7:35p.m for the member of the public to comment on the following application, it was noted the land was historically garden land to the rear of the cottages, and the cottages are mainly rented by the owner of the land to be developed.  The meeting reconvened at 7:40p.m.

(i)13/02780/PLF – Erection of a dwelling (Re-Submission of 12-03851/PLF) at Land West of 14 Pinfold, South Cave for Brooklands Property Holdings Ltd – Application Type: Full Planning Permission

Cllr kingdom proposed the Parish Council recommend refusal of the application and support the East Riding of Yorkshire Councils decision to refuse the previous application.  The Parish Council have concerns relating to the access of the site which is close to the village shopping area, having large pedestrian use, and the safety of the pedestrians due to the difficult vision splay.  The Parish Council also noted the lack of space for bins to the front of the property.  Seconded Cllr Kelly, Vote, 8 in favour, 1 abstention, 1 against.

(ii)13/02815/VAR – Variation of Condition 18 (approved plan to construct brick wall to the east side of Plot 1) of planning reference 12/00950/PLF at 42 West End, South Cave for Mr & Mrs Stow – Application Type: Variation of Condition(s)

Cllr Lenton proposed the Parish Council raise no objection to the application as this would have no adverse effect on the streetscene or neighbouring properties.  Seconded Cllr Munby, All in favour.


59630913        Finance - Confidential Matters

The Parish Council may exercise their right to exclude the public and press by resolution from a closed meeting due to the confidential nature to be discussed pursuant to section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960.

(i)The Parish Council noted the following items be paid on the grounds of sound financial management of the Council



Cllr Kelly proposed that these items be paid on the grounds of sound financial   management of the Council, seconded Cllr Warren, All in favour.


59640913        The Council noted the date of the next Parish Council Meeting - Monday 21st October 2013.