18th March 2013


The Meeting of South Cave Parish Council took place in the Town Hall, Market Place, South Cave commencing at 7:00pm.


Present:            Cllrs Barnett (Chairman), M. Turner, L Turner, Bateman, Lenton, Kelly & Warren

Mrs L Fielding - Clerk

One Ward Councillor



Public Forum

                        Allotments – Cllr L Turner provided an update on the garden allotments and advised the area measured requires further measurements to identify if this has been completed correctly.  Horneys have been appointed to re-measure the area and ensure allotment plots are identified.   


Cemetery – Clerk advised a enquiry had been received from a resident relating the Cemetery fees.   Parish Council discussed the circumstances and dates and resolved due to the number of years deceased had resided in South Cave and there been an existing Family Plot in the cemetery, the internment should be treated as a resident.  Proposed Cllr M. Turner, Seconded Cllr Bateman, All in favour.


Norfolk Bank Lane - Cllr M. Turner advised the road is in a bad state of repair.  A request has previously been requested to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council over 3 years ago, this has not been completed.  The road in part of the trans Pennine route and cyclists use the route regularly.  This is an extremely dangerous area for cyclists, and is in such a deteriorated state, the road may require re-building.   Clerk to contact East Riding of Yorkshire Councils highways department.


Castle Drive/Rise – Cllr Bateman advised the stumps from fallen trees located on the grassed area at Castle Drive/Rise is a trip hazard to pedestrians.  Clerk to contact the ERYC to address accordingly.


58860313         Apologies for absence

Cllr M. Turner proposed apologies be accepted from Cllrs Kingdom & Munby, seconded Cllr L. Turner, All in favour.


58870313        Ward Councillors Reports (For Information Only)

Cllr Galbriath –

Council Tax has now been set and residents should now be receiving their 2013/14 bills.


ERYC’s report on homelessness in the East Riding and have implemented a change of rules and the Council can now put Homeless people into private accommodation, instead of social landlords. 


ERYC’s report on stroke services in the East Riding were reviewed by the panel about one year ago, the East Riding is worst in area for stroke.  Additional training programmes have been implemented, employed physiotherapist, 22 recommendations, appears to be getting better. 


Development Limits -   A number of settlements Development Limits have changed and are included in the current DLP consultation.


Litter Bins on lampposts - ERYC have not put on lampposts for a number of years.


58880313        Approval of Previous Meetings Minutes, 18th February 2013

Cllr L Turner proposed that the minutes of the 18th February 2013 be approved and entered into records with three minor amendments, as a true and accurate record, seconded Cllr Bateman, Vote 6 in favour, 1 abstention.   


58890313        Declarations of Interest          

(i)There were three declarations of interest:

Cllr Barnett declared a non-pecuniary interest in minute reference – 58930313 (iv)

Cllr L Turner declared a non-pecuniary interest in minute reference – 58930313 (iv)

Cllr Warren declared a non-pecuniary interest in minute reference – 58970313 (i)(iii)


58900313         Police Matters

                        (i)The Parish Council received crime figures for March 2013 totalling 11 offences.


58910313        Committees

(i)The Parish Council received and where necessary adopted the resolutions from within the minutes of the following committee meetings:  

                        Planning & Technical Services Committee Meeting – Monday 11th March 2013

Proposed Cllr L. Turner, Seconded Cllr Barnett, Vote 5 in favour, 2 abstentions

Open Spaces Committee Meeting – Monday 11th March 2013

Proposed Cllr L. Turner, Seconded Cllr Barnett, Vote 5 in favour, 2 abstentions


58920313         Correspondence

(i)The Parish Council noted the information received relating to ‘Cheaper Energy Together’ scheme.

(ii)The Parish Council noted the emails received relating to Dog Fouling at Church Hill and requested the Clerk contact the ERYC to arrange additional visits to the area and place an article in the next Parish Council newsletter.

(iii)The Parish Council noted the information received from South Cave CE School relating to a five year project to take the school into an eco friendly environment and requested the School representative visit to establish further details of the schemes.  

(iv)The Parish Council noted the letter received relating to Planning.

(v)The Parish Council noted the South Cave Preservation Society Minutes.

(vi)The Parish Council noted the email received relating to damaged wall at Station Road, South Cave and noted Clerk has made contact with the ERYC to contact the Landowner.

(vii)The Parish Council noted and considered the response to the letter received regarding planned works on the Market Weighton Canal Bridge, Broomfleet and did not require the inclusion of additional comments to the proposals.

(viii)The Parish Council noted and considered response to ‘Save our Ferriby’ Action Group letter received.

(ix)The Parish Council noted the ERYC streetscene services date and considered attendees.  The Parish Council requested Clerk make arrangements for Cllr’s to complete the street assessment forms.  Cllr’s Lenton and M. Turner will be in attendance.









58930313        Finance

(i)The Parish Council approved items for payment March 2013


Chq No





Came & Company

Insurance 2013/14











South Cave WI

s137 Grant



The Document House













Spring Conference



C Langley

Farmers Market March 2013



CIT @ Vendor Finance












Gate Control Gear

Gate Springs




Allotment Cave Gates



Hosting Systems

Website Hosting



Yorkshire Water

Burial Ground







Mr D Ellerker

Footway Sweeper



Mrs L Fielding




Petty Cash
















Cllr Kelly proposed that these items be paid on the grounds of sound financial   management of the Council, seconded Cllr Lenton, All in favour.

(ii)The Parish Council noted the recommendation from Open Spaces Committee meeting held Monday 28th January 2013 ref: OSC 311 to resolve that the Council in accordance with its power under s1 of the Local Government Act 1967 should incur the following expenditure which, in the opinion of the Council, is in the interests of the area, or its inhabitants and consider the estimates received.  

The Parish Council considered the two estimates received for the works and resolved to proceed with the works completed by Mr David Stride.  Proposed Cllr Bateman, Seconded Cllr Kelly, All in favour.

(iii)The Parish Council resolved the renewal of insurance with Came & Company due on 1st April 2013, and in the interest of sound financial management and enter into a fixed 3 year contract. Proposed Cllr Kelly, Seconded Cllr L. Turner, All in favour.

(iv)The Parish Council considered the donation under s137 to Brough Voluntary Action group and requested further information on the number of residents who benefit from this service. 

(v)The Parish Council considered donation under s137 to Sophia Elizabeth Barnard trust.  Cllr Bateman proposed the Parish Council offer a £250.00 donation to the charity.  Seconded Cllr Kelly, Vote 3 in favour, 2 against, 2 abstentions

(vi)The Parish Council considered the alteration of Bank account from Business onto a fee free Community Account.  Cllr M. Turner proposed the Parish Council make arrangements for alterations to the account, Seconded Cllr Lenton, All in favour.

(vii)The Parish Council considered the grass removal in cemetery to be completed by volunteers from HMPS.  The Parish Council requested any additional works completed by the contractor approved for the grass cutting services 2013/14 provides time lengths is working to a hourly rate or a price, prior to the commencement of works.

(vii)The Parish Council considered the installation of fixed phone line to front office at Town Hall.   Cllr Kelly proposed the Parish Council install the additional line, Seconded Cllr Barnett, All in favour.


58940313         Annual Parish Meeting

                        (i)The Parish Council noted the arrangements for the Annual Parish Meeting to be held on 23rd May 2013 at the WI Hall at 7:00p.m.

(ii)The Parish Council noted representatives from HMPS & RSA will be providing a presentation for the Annual Parish Meeting.

(iii)The Parish Council considered additional speakers for the Annual Parish Meeting and requested Clerk invite representatives from YORswitch to be present.


58950313        Planning Applications

             (i)13/00518/PLF – Erection of a slurry store to serve the existing pig unit at Mires Beck Nursery, Common Road, South Cave for Mr R. Tucker

Application Type: Full Planning Permission

Cllr Lenton proposed the Parish Council recommend refusal to the application as:

1.                     The Farm stands on approximately 4 acres, approval of the application would open the area to the east, giving a further 6.98 acres for planning.

2.                     The Applicant has a additional capacity on a alternative site nearby, therefore the need for this current application may not be required.

3.                     At Present the slurry is spread to the east passing the school and shops, the applicant is currently failing to comply with the regulations regarding the spreading, using a splash plate to blow slurry more than 4 metres into the air.   These results in drift from the slurry spread, the recommendations are for the slurry to be injected, therefore eliminating the smell and odour.  NVZ regulations cannot be complied with due to the amount of Slurry being spread.

4.                     The site is adjacent to a public footpath.

5.                     The existing store could be extended to accommodate the extra capacity required.

6.                      Planning application did not include a correct site location plan.  The Plan enclosed with the application does not show the outline of the land relative and also the land applicable to the application.

Seconded Cllr Kelly, All in favour.


58960313         Planning Decisions

(i)12/04983/OUT – Outline – Erection of 3 detached dwellings (All matters reserved) at Land South East of 96 Beverley Road, South Cave, HU15 2BB for Mr I. Stanley – Refused (REF)

The parish council noted the decisions made by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.







58970313        Other Matters

(i)The Parish Council noted the following matters outstanding and received update from The Clerk:

(i)Railings at Little Wold Lane, South Cave – The ERYC are aware of the problem which will be rectified as soon as possible

(ii)Available materials for footpath number 7 repair works – The ERYC are aware the Parish Council have requested the materials and will make contact once they have this in place.

(iii)Market Place & Church Street Parking Problems – The ERYC have advised they are in the process of compiling information and will respond the to Parish Council in due course.

(iv)Stonepit Road – petition update – The ERYC have not provided a update for the Clerk to provide.

(v)Market Place school crossing patrol – The ERYC are still advertising this position and will advise the Parish Council in due course.

(vi)Wadley Plump – safety problems – The ERYC have advised the Parish Council they are currently reviewing the budgets and will inform the Parish Council once the matter has been reviewed.

 (ii)The Parish Council noted the Don Platt Cabinet to be relocated from The Library, South Cave to South Cave Parish Council, Town Hall.


58980313        Finance - Confidential Matters

The Parish Council may exercise their right to exclude the public and press by resolution from a closed meeting due to the confidential nature to be discussed pursuant to section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960.

(i)The Parish Council noted the following items be paid on the grounds of sound financial management of the Council



Cllr Barnett proposed that these items be paid on the grounds of sound financial   management of the Council, seconded Cllr Bateman, All in favour.


58990313        The Council noted the date of the next Parish Council Meeting - Monday 15th April 2013.