21st October 2013


The Meeting of South Cave Parish Council took place in the Town Hall, Market Place, South Cave commencing at 7:00pm.


Present:                    Cllrs M. Turner (Chairman), Barnett, L Turner, Bateman, Munby, Kelly, Lenton & Warren

Mrs L Fielding - Clerk

Two Ward Councillors


David Burton – Driver training supervisor, Humberside police

John Marshall – RSA Transitions

Two members of public


Public Forum

There were no matters for public forum.


59651013                   Apologies for absence

There were no apologies for absence.


59661013                   Ward Councillors Reports (For Information Only)

Cllr Smith – ERYC have looked into funding for Pre-School nurseries following the notification of closure of Church Street, Playgroup.  It have been confirmed there is no funding available as there are places available in outlying areas.

Community transport to the Surgery has been extended to eight months.  Brough voluntary action group are desperate for drivers.  Cllr Smith to enter an advert in the next Parish Newsletter.

Cllr Galbraith – The Rugby League Foundation have completed the Charity Trail on the Trans Pennine Trail.

Brough South proposals have received outline planning; each future phase will require detailed planning.

The East Riding has a need for Obesity control and East Riding plan to tackle to problem at Maternity Stage, School Meals etc.  A scheme for Adults will be available on the NHS providing up to 26 sessions with a personal trainer.

East Riding of Yorkshire Councils rule for no recordings, Phones or Tablets have remained.


59671013                   Approval of Previous Meetings Minutes, 16th September 2013

Cllr Kelly proposed that the minutes of the 16th September 2013 be approved and entered into records, as a true and accurate record, Seconded Cllr Bateman, All in favour.


59681013                   Declarations of Interest           

(i)Cllr L. Turner declared a non pecuniary interest in minute reference:

59741013 (i) (i.i) & 59751013 (ii)

Cllr M. Turner declared a non pecuniary interest in minute reference:

59741013 (i) (i.i) & 59751013 (ii)



59691013                   Parish Council Vacancy

                               (i)To Parish Council considered the co-optee applications and receive introductions from applicants.  The Parish Council closed the meeting for discussion and vote at 9:15p.m.  Cllr Barnett proposed the Parish Council accept Applicant Debbie Foley as Councillor to the Parish Council, Seconded Cllr Kelly, Vote 7 in favour, 1 abstention.


59701013                   RSA Transitions

(i)The Parish Council received update from John Marshall – RSA Transitions & HMPS Everthorpe – Masterplan has been fanalised including feedback from local residents, employers etc.  The next funding for the feasibility study will be due January 2014.  RSA Transitions will keep the Parish Council and residents updated with the progress with regular inserts in the Parish Newsletter.


59711013                  Police Matters

(i)PCSO Overton advised the Parish Council six crimes had been reported.

(ii)David Burton provided the Parish Council with a overview of Humberside Police driver training.  The Parish Council raised concerns with the potential accidents including driver training.  Mr Burton informed the Parish Council safety is paramount and training in completed within strict guidelines and risk assessments. Mr Burton advised the Parish Council will be kept informed with the decisions and or recommendations following the recent incident at Ferry Road, South Cave. 


59721013                   Committees

(i)The Parish Council received and where necessary adopted the resolutions from within   the minutes of the following committee meetings: 

Planning Committee – 7th October 2013.  Proposed Cllr L. Turner, Seconded Cllr Barnett,    All in favour.


59731013                   Finance

(i)The Parish Council approved items for payment October 2013




Mr Vincent

Garage Rent


Tony Cook Ltd

Cemetery Railings


Atkinson Printers

Letterhead Paper


AllSigns Ltd

Letters for Board


Mr A Whitehead

Farmers Market Caretaker



Good Councillor Guides


Advance Fire Services

Fire Alarm Fault/repairs


Lamps & Tubes

Christmas Lights installation


South Cave Primary School

Venue Hire


Heat Therm Ltd

Emergency Boiler fault


Kingston Communications



Kingston Communications

Telephone (quarter)


Jake Ellerker

Footpath Cuts








South Cave Parish Council

Petty Cash


David Ellerker

Footway Sweeper


East Riding Plumbing & Heating

Boiler repairs












Cllr L. Turner proposed that these items be paid on the grounds of sound financial   management of the Council, seconded Cllr Barnett, All in favour.

(ii)The Parish Council noted the increase in national minimum wage to £6.31p.h from Tuesday 1st October 2013.  There was no decision to increase on this occasion.

(iii)The Parish Council approved the Open Spaces recommendation for the purchase of an additional Seat to be located at Bull Pasture at a cost of £216.00 plus VAT.  Proposed Cllr L. Turner, Seconded Cllr Munby, All in Favour.

(iv)To Parish Council approved the Open Spaces recommendation for the purchase of an additional Seat to be located at Common Road, the location was marked on plan and approval of costs for the purchase of the seat totalling £369.00.

(v)The Parish Council considered a donation to Dove House Hospice Parish Council made no decision to make a donation on this occasion.

(vi)The Parish Council noted the repairs to Town Hall boiler and installation of Carbon Monoxide detector.


59741013                   Other Matters

(i)The Parish Council considered the request fence, Shed & Poly tunnel Applications for Cave Gates Garden Allotments as follows:

i.ii)Plot Number 16 – Shed & poly Tunnell – Cllr Barnett proposed the Parish Council accept the request providing the Shed & Poly Tunnell comply with section 5F in the tenancy Agreement. Seconded Cllr Lenton. Vote: 7 In favour, 1 abstention

i.ii)Plot Number 25 – Fence – Cllr Barnett proposed the Parish Council accept the request providing the fence in of the same construction as noted in the request and does not exceed 3ft in height.  Seconded Cllr Munby, vote: 7 in favour, 1 abstention

(ii)The Parish Council noted the Allotment inspection and requested Clerk make contact with allotment holder 22 due to the colour of the shed and the greenhouse location.  The Parish Council made the suggestion the Greenhouse should be moved to the area marked on the plan, previously provided to tenant.  Proposed Cllr Barnett, Seconded Cllr Munby, Vote: 7 in favour, 1 abstention.  

(iii)The Parish Council considered the allotment maintenance to the hedgerow and requested Clerk obtain a further two estimates for this.

(iv)The Parish Council noted the complaint received from resident at Barnards Drive relating to re-surfacing preparation works and noted the East Riding of Yorkshire Councils usual procedure for this.  It was also noted the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the contractor have made contact with the resident direct relating to this matter.

(v)The Parish Council noted the consultation for King George V seating area.  Cllr Barnett to include a insert to the Parish Council newsletter for comments. 

(vi)The Parish Council considered the works to Chapel roof at a cost of £753.60.  Cllr Munby proposed the Parish Council completed the works as two further estimates had not been received and the works are required as a matter of urgency.  Seconded Cllr L. Turner, All in favour.


(vii)The Parish Council noted the Christmas Light Switch on event arrangements.  The Parish Council noted the request from the Preservation Society for the supply of food at the event.  Christmas Lights advisory group advised the current arrangements include the supply of food, however mince pies and mulled wine could be supplied.  Cllr L Turner proposed the Preservation Society be offered the supply of Minced Pies & Mulled Wine, Seconded Cllr Warren.  All in favour.

(viii)The Parish Council noted the deadline for November Newsletters – 1st November 2013.

(ix)Item dismissed the Clerk received Planning Applications to be placed on this agenda, the planning meeting of 4th November 2013 will remain

(x)The Parish Council noted HMPS decision for change of lighting to entrance.

(xi)The Parish Council noted the Church Street, Playgroup closure.

(xii)The Parish Council noted the WREN playpark improvement application and noted the submission for deadline 24th October 2013.  Cllr L. Turner proposed the Parish Council include a 15% inclusion for the scheme at a cost to the Parish Council of £4500.00, this amount is currently included in ringfenced Capitol Reserves for Playpark improvements.  Seconded Cllr Barnett, All in favour.

(xiii)The Parish Council considered the Christmas Dinner arrangements and requested Clerk obtain details from the Gallery for the event.


59751013                   Correspondence

(i)The Parish Council noted the letter received from resident at Rawdale Close re: traffic problems and requested Clerk inform the resident the matter has been referred to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, who will contact resident direct.

(ii)The Parish Council received the response from R. L Tucker Farms Ltd regarding Pig Slurry, and requested the Clerk make contact with the Environment Agency to establish other Pig Farms in the Area.

(iii)The Parish Council noted the National Grid consultation – Comments to be submitted by 1st November 2013, there were no comments to include.

(iv)The Parish Council noted the consultation received from East Riding of Yorkshire Council – Improvements to Planning Consultations and advised the Parish Council still require paper copies of Planning Consultations. 

(v)The Parish Council noted the comments received from resident re: Parking at Pinfold and requested Clerk refer the matter to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council who will make contact with the resident direct

(vi)The Parish Council noted the  Cave Castle Family Fun day 21st April 2014 and requested Clerk place matter on 18th November 2013 agenda for discussion.

(vii)The Parish Council noted the Dogger Bank Creyke Beck – request for representations.  There were no representations required.

(viii)The Parish Council noted the work in progress list.


59761013                   Planning - Trees Decision

(i) 13/02801/TPO - Description of Works: TPO SOUTH CAVE - 1971 - (Ref 268) AND SOUTH CAVE CONSERVATION AREA - Remove 3 branches on Beech tree (T1) as they are rubbing and damaging the masonry on the old gatehouse. Lime tree (T2) tidy badly pruned limbs away from gatehouse. Remove overhanging limb on Sycamore tree (T3) and tidy old prune cuts.

Location; Cave Castle Hotel and Country Club Church Hill South Cave East Riding Of Yorkshire HU15 2EU 

Applicant: Cave Castle Hotel

Application Type: Works to Protected Trees

Approved (No Obj)

The Parish Council noted the decisions made by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.


59771013             Finance - Confidential Matters

The Parish Council may exercise their right to exclude the public and press by resolution from a closed meeting due to the confidential nature to be discussed pursuant to section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960.

(i)The Parish Council noted the following items be paid on the grounds of sound financial management of the Council



Cllr Barnett proposed that these items be paid on the grounds of sound financial   management of the Council, seconded Cllr Kelly, All in favour.


59781013             The Council noted the date of the next Parish Council Meeting - Monday 18th November 2013.