19th September 2011


The Meeting of South Cave Parish Council took place in the Town Hall, Market Place, South Cave commencing at 7:00pm.


Present:            Cllrs Harrison, M Turner, L Turner, Barnett, Lenton, Kingdom, Kelly and Phillips

Mrs L Fielding - Clerk

Ward Councillor - Tony Galbraith



Public Forum

                 Cllr M. Turner requested clerk obtain the list of jobs noted from the Village Walkabout and ensure all jobs are completed.  The list to be provided to Cllr Phillips and Kingdom.


5658911  Apologies for absence

Cllr M. Turner proposed that apologies be accepted from Cllrs Jamieson, Manley & Munby, Seconded Cllr Kingdom,  All in favour.


5659911  Ward Councillors Reports (For Information Only)

                Ward Councilor Tony Galbraith:

                 (i)The Parliamentary boundaries are currently under review.  This will not have a immediate impact on South Cave residents. Brough Town Council will be holding hearings for public consultations on 24th & 25th October 2011.  Local consultations must be held within 12 weeks. The new boundaries will not affect the catchment areas for school admissions.

                 (ii)Horncastle & Partners have submitted a planning application for the South Development and have withheld the Tesco Development proposals, until both applications can be considered in November 2011.

                 (iii)ERYC will be taking over from the police with Parking Enforcement from November 2011.

                 (iv)Leeds Children’s Heart Hospital is under threat of closure and is currently subject to a public consultation.  The nearest Children’s Heart Hospital will be Newcastle or Leicester.


5660911   Approval of Previous Meetings Minutes, 18th July 2011

Cllr Lenton proposed that the minutes of the 18th July 2011 be approved and entered into records, as a true and accurate record, Seconded Cllr Phillips, All in favour.  


5661911  Matters Arising

Cllr L. Turner questioned the weeding at the war memorial and suggested this be completed as necessary.

Cllr Phillips suggested The Council contact the local PCSO to establish if South Cave C.E School has invested in anti crime paint.

Clerk provided The Council with a update on the installation of the Panic Buttons and Letter Box.


5662911   Declarations of Interest     

(i)There were no Declarations of Interest


5663911  Police Matters

(i)PCSO confirmed Seven crimes for August 2011:

3 Burglary

2 Criminal Damage

1 Theft of lead at All Saints Church


(ii)Cllr Harrison highlighted the problem at Swinescaife Quarry with off road bike being used within the quarry and on the surrounding woodlands paths.  PCSO confirmed two section 59 ticket had been given the weekend of the 17th & 18th September 2011.  PCSO advised the police are monitoring the situation.  


5664911   Committees

(i) The Council received and where necessary adopted the resolutions from within the minutes of the following committee meetings, with one minor amendment:

                        Planning & Technical Services Committee – 11th July 2011 & 22nd August 2011

                        Open Spaces Committee – 11th July 2011 & 22nd August 2011

                        Emergency Meeting – 18th July 2011

The Council noted the change of date for Finance & General Policy Committee Meeting scheduled for Monday 26th September 2011 to Monday 10th October 2011 at 7:00p.m.


5665911   Clerks Report

                 (i)September Clerk report was noted with the following discussions:

(i.i)South Cave Flood Meeting previously arranged for Thursday 22nd September 2011 has been postponed until further notice.

(i.ii)The right of way on the West Side of the South Cave CE School has been closed sue to the newly fitted fencing.  It was suggested the Clerk contact the ERYC to establish the current position.

(i.iii)Wadley Plump road leading to The Pavillion, two Nurseries & Sports Centre, does not currently have a safe footpath.  It was suggested the Clerk investigate this matter.


The meeting was closed at 7:55p.m to bring forward minute reference 5666911 (i), the meeting was re-opened at 8:05p.m

The meeting was closed at 8.05 to bring forward minute reference 5666911 (viii), the meeting was re-opened at 8:10p.m.


5665911  Planning - Current Plans to Consider

(i)11/03891/PCC – Conservation Area Consent for the demolition of existing bungalow to allow erection of replacement dwelling (Resubmission of 11/02195/PCC) at 10 Brough Road, South Cave for Mr Andrew Hull. WITHDRAWN

It was noted this planning application was withdrawn, it was suggested Clerk contact the ERYC to establish the reason for withdrawal.

(ii)11/03971/PLF – Alterations to front elevation and internal layout of existing office building to create 1 additional office unit and erection of a single storey extension to rear (AMENDED DESCRIPTION) at 54 West End South Cave East Riding Of Yorkshire HU15 2EY for Mr Jonathan Forman

Application type: Full Planning Permission

Cllr M. Turner proposed the Parish Council recommend refusal of this application due to overdevelopment/over massing in this residential area, the proposals are not keeping with the character of the street scene and the potential increase in vehicles at the property will add to the parking problems in this particular area.   Seconded Cllr Kelly, all in favour.

(iii)11/03974/STPLF – Erection of 3no buildings for Business (B1), General Industry (B2) and Storage and Distribution (B8) purposes with associated access, parking and hard and  soft landscaping following demolition of existing buildings at Land South of 3 Newfield Lane, South Cave for Mr & Mrs Martin.

                        Cllr Barnett proposed the Parish Council raise no objection to the proposal and support this proposal which will increase potential employment opportunities to the area.  Seconded Cllr Lenton, Vote 4 for, 3 Against, 1 Abstention.  


5666911  Correspondence

(i) The Parish Council welcomed Richard William & Mike Jordin from the National Grid, who provided information on the public consultations relating to the Yorkshire & Humber carbon capture, transportation and storage project.  The Parish Council raised concerns with the disturbance to the plantation reserve.  It was noted the project would avoid any connections with reserves/plantations or public areas and would more then likely take an alternative route.  The Parish Council requested they are kept informed of the consultation outcome once completed.

(ii)The Parish Council noted the South Cave Preservation Society Minutes 6th July 2011, 3rd August 2011 and Floral Display results 2011.

(iii)The Parish Council considered stock piling Rock Salt for Winter 2011/12, Cllr L. Turner proposed the Parish Council purchase additional Rock Salt for winter, Seconded Cllr Kelly, All in favour.

(iv)The Parish Council noted the complaint received from resident relating to the South Cave Signs.  Cllr Phillips proposed a reply be sent thanking for the comments receiving and assuring they are taken into account, Seconded Cllr Kelly, All in favour.

(v)The Parish Council considered the purchase of three Village Entrance Signs and requested further information on the pricing received from Signs of the Times.  This matter was deffered until the next Full Council Meeting.

(vi)The Parish Council noted the complaint received relating to Ragwort and requested the Complaint form be submitted to DEFRA.

(vii)The Parish Council noted the letter from resident relating to Rawdale Close parking.  Cllr Phillips proposed the Parish Council support the comments raised in the letter and request the ERYC consider parking restriction be applied to the area.  Seconded Cllr Harrison, Vote 5 for, 3 against.

(viii)The Parish Council noted email received from resident regarding motorbikes at South Cave Quarry.   Cllr L. Turner proposed the Parish Council contact the Quarry Owner to request they install adequate fencing to deter the bikes & contact the Planning Enforcement Officer to establish if the original application included the installation of fencing on completion.   Seconded Cllr Lenton, All in favour.

(ix)The Parish Council received the revised Town Hall Christmas Lighting pricing.  Cllr Barnett proposed the Parish Council accept Lamps & Tubes quotation for the installation of the 8 columns infrastructure and the Town Hall Lighting.  Seconded Cllr Kelly, All in Favour.

(x)The Parish Council considered the various village groups to use the Projector and screen within the meeting room.  Cllr Barnett proposed the Parish Council accept the U3A and its various sub groups to use the projector, providing two delegated members are fully trained and a disclaimer is signed ensuring they group accept responsibility for the equipment, any loss/damage would be paid for by the group.  Seconded Cllr Lenton, All in favour. 

(xi)The Parish Council considered the lifestyle group ideas & offer of donation.  Cllr Barnett proposed the Parish Council accept the donation and suggest the proceeds pay for children’s Hi-Visibility vests and Litter Pickers to be stored at the Town Hall for the residents use.  Seconded Cllr Kelly, All in favour.

(xii)The Parish Council considered the letter received from Rt Hon David Davis.   Cllr Lenton proposed the Parish Council await the Planning Application for Change of use at The Pavilion, at which point will submit the Full Councils decisions and comments.  Seconded Cllr Kingdom, All in favour.


5667911   Finance

(i)The Parish Council approved items for payment for September 2011.

Chq No






Footway Sweeper



MNB Computing

System Clean up



Smith of Derby Ltd

Clock Service Visit



R. Sheppard

Footway Sweeper







J.Pickering & Son Ltd

Cemetery Wall



Yorkshire Water

Burial Ground Water Rates




Allotment Rent




Laminating Sheets



Came & Company

Cooking Demonstration Unit Insurance



Came & Company

Village Entrance Signs Insurance



I Donkin

Farmers Market Stalls & Erection



Chris Langley

Farmers Market Caretaker



Sage UK Ltd

Sage Cover Extra








Fax Machine



L Fielding




South Cave Parish Council

Petty Cash




PAYE September 2011



Hillarys Blinds

Meeting Room Blinds




Printer Cartridges













Cllr L. Turner proposed that these items be paid on the grounds of sound financial management of the Parish Council, Seconded Cllr Kelly, All in favour.

(ii)The Parish Council considered Yorkshire Wildlife trust membership 2012/2013.  It was agreed not to subscribe to membership for 2012/2012.

(iii)The Parish Council differed the discussion regarding the purchase of footpath blower to the next Full Council meeting.

(iv)The Parish Council considered s137 grant application for Victim Support and agreed not award the Victim Support with s137.

(v)The Parish Council noted the Completion of Annual Return for Year Ended 31st March 2011.


5668911   Town Hall  

(i)The Parish Council considered increasing the Meeting room capacity and agreed the current capacity of 28 should remain.


5669911   The Council noted the date of the next Parish Council Meeting - Monday 17th October 2011.